7 Vitenge Outfits You Can Wear To Meet Your Mother-in-law (Photos)

Meeting your mother-in-law is a tricky affair as it is a delicate balance of so many things.

One is advised to be themselves but not in a way that will off put your in-laws. You can talk but not too much, steer away from controversial topics like politics or how loudly their precious child snores. You can dress up but it should never look like you are trying too hard to please.

The rules go on and on and are very debatable but one thing we can all agree on, dressing well will help you create a good impression.

A good, well-tailored Ankara or Kitenge outfit can give one the confidence required to navigate those first fragile in-law encounters.

Here are our top meet-your-mother-in-law picks:

1. If your mother-in-law is fashion-forward this could be a good look. It is a perfect balance between modest and fashionable.


2. You can try a skater dress that is not only modest but stylish too


3. Meeting your in-laws doesn’t have to be a boring affair, zhuzh up your look with this tulle and Ankara skirt


4. Skirts and dresses are not the only options, you can rock this fancy sweatshirt, headwrap and jeans during the cold season

5. Or this flamboyant pants outfit

6. Don’t worry gents, we haven’t left you behind, you can rock this Ankara shirt

7. Alternatively, if full-on Ankara is a bit too much for you, have a strip of Ankara like this gentleman below:

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