Pastor Advises Couples To Spend Tithe Money On Romantic Vacations

Tithe money has always been a big discussion especially in churches where pastors are accused of using the money for their own benefit. With this form of offering being a concern, a pastor has excited Kenyans after he advised couple to use tithe money for vacations instead of giving it to the church.

The pastor deliverance church Umoja was speaking during a sermon on the week of Valentine’s day when he emphasized that couples need to step out of their comfort zones in order to share romantic moments.

According to him, couples mostly fail to enjoy intimate moments especially when they are hosting relatives and have no space for alone time.

“You cannot be romantic when your brother is looking, you are trying to hold your wife’s hand and your cousin is looking,” he stated


The pastor insisted that couples should spare time to go out and he even told the church members to leave him a message saying that they skipped church to go on a vacation. He also gave his followers permission to spend their tithe money.

“I allow you to spend your tithe, but just go and get away have some time with that lady or that husband just the two of you alone” he added

The pastor also mentioned that people would be surprised that he gave such advice in a church set up. He, however, cited his marriage as an example saying that together with his wife, he makes sure that they travel the world together.

The pastor then hilariously told the church members that he can do anything with his wife freely without people watching them and he laughed off at those who have no freedom to get intimate in their own houses.

He concluded his sermon by urging couples to wear romantic outfits and avoid promotion or advertisement t-shirts that can be a turn-off.

“Hapana tshirt zimeandikwa ukimwi inaua. Look for some romantic words and they are out there. Imeekwa tick ya nike imeandikwa just do it” he stated.

Good morning fam😊Here is a message to all Married couples:"Get Out!" But if you can't do that ,the church has a plan for you :The Valentines Movie Night happening tonight from 7 pm . Entrance is free but refreshments will be on sale.Happy Valentine's day DCIU 😊#IamDCIU

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