DP Ruto’s Officer’s Death Sparks Jacob Juma Back to Life

Kenyans are known to be an unforgiving lot especially to politicians who end up on the wrong side of things.

Deputy President William Ruto became the latest addition to a growing list of elites that are deemed ‘criminals’ by citizens.

Ruto’s problems were compounded with the death of a police officer attached to his office.

DP Ruto at a past meeting

The AP known as Kipyegon Kenei, was found dead in his house at Imara Daima area.

Police reports remarked that the man in blue had shot himself.

Further details highlighted that the deceased had two gunshot wounds with one to the chin and the other to the side of the head.

DCI detectives who discovered the body, explained that Kenei was being sought in connection to the fake military tender saga.

A police vehicle at the Imara Daima residence

The latest incident sparked outrage by Kenyans who linked the death of Kenei to that of the late Jacob Juma.

According to a section of netizens, Ruto’s involvement in a matter ends is alleged ends with the death of a person.

Here are some of the reactions:

Abuga Makori remarked, “Sgt Kenei was ELIMINATED also in similar version and circumstances like Jacob Juma and Yebei. It’s time Jirongo tells us more about the drama. He was guarding DP Ruto offices which are now linked to a Titanic scandal! DCI should tell us WHO killed him No more assassinations!

Another netizen identified as Zaq Top noted, “The list is growing, people are dying no answers are given. How long will we cover up impunity, how long will we hide the truth? The blood of MESHAK YEBEI, JACOB JUMA, CHRIS MSANDO and JOHN KIPYEGON Still Wailing in the Ground For Justice. WHO’S NEXT? #RutoRebelMovement

Henry Mwangi articulated, “Do you remember Jacob Juma.”

Daniel Mwaniki expressed that, “Just like he mourned Jacob Juma, Yebei, Kiambaa Church fire victims, Chris Msando etc?”

DP Ruto on Friday acknowledged that the loss of the officer was a huge loss.

He noted that Kenei was a disciplined personnel during his time at the Harambee House Annex office.

The second in command urged that investigation into the mysterious death of the man to be conducted with vigilance.

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