Tanasha Has Brains Unlike Zari – Diamond’s Alleged Side Chick Says

Things got rather heated after a Diamond/Tanasha fan slid into Viva Fabrica’s DM to mock her following the release of ‘Gere’.

For those who don’t know, Viva has for a long time been linked with Diamond but she has insisted that nothing goes on between them. Viva has been keeping silent in regards to Tanasha and Diamond but a message from Instagram user mag_gie53 poked the bear out of hibernation.

“Hey, hater. How do you feel now that Donna and Mondi are making moves,” mag_gie53 wrote.

Viva quickly posted the message on her status so that she doesn’t have to repeat herself.

“So come here lemme give you a public answer that maybe might give you and some people a good and sleepless night. I am on my lane and been on my lane tangu kitambo. How do u feel about them making moves, I feel so good that they are both making (moves),”  read part of her post.

Viva Fabrica (Instagram)

She then went on to reveal that when it comes to Tanasha and Diamond there is more than meets the eye.

“You all wish you were them but deep inside the sh*t they go through they don’t show wide open. But that’s none of my business. Am just an audience like the rest of you wakiachana pia tutakuwa hapa,” she spilled.

Viva then went on to praise Tanasha for having brains and getting something out of her relationship with Diamond, unlike Zari.

“Am happy at least the girl taking something sio kama mwenzetu Zari. Kenyan women got brains,” posted Viva.

Viva Fabrica’s post (Instagram)

She revealed that she has enough evidence to crash Tanasha and Diamond’s relationship but she is not about that life…for now.

“Last but not least I got stuff screenshots, images, videos, hot topics that can break that bubble in a minute but am humble and my man loves me. So you can all enjoy them the day I’ll go locco, you will all love to hate me, that’s growth,” read her thinly veiled threat.

Viva Fabrica’s post (Instagram)

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