Nana Gecaga Gets Real About Being Single in Your 40s

Nana Gecaga (Instagram)

Being single in your 40’s doesn’t have to suck, it can be a wonderful thing as Nana Gecaga says. Being single is especially sweet when you are not settling for less.

“I love being single and love the fact that I’m in a position where I don’t have to be with someone just for the sake of being with somebody. I love being single because I love the fact that I was in a relationship where I was definitely not being respected,” she told Opera News.

Nana revealed that even though she holds a high position as the CEO of Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) she strips off that boss lady demeanour for a homemaker position after work.

“If you are coming to the table and are already feeling insecure about a woman you see as a powerhouse, you have missed the whole point. When I go home, I am not corporate, I am not a boss lady. I am a woman, I will cook, I will hang out with you and I will listen to your problems. We are so scared to come out of that mould. To the men who can’t handle it, I apologize and I hope you are able to one day get over it,” she added.

In an earlier interview with Biko Zulu for Business Daily, Nana revealed that dating is difficult when you come from a well-heeled family.  This is because the people who approach her are not genuine, they are with her because of her status as a member of the Kenyatta clan.

” I have struggled with relationships. I have had a couple of good relationships, but mostly it’s been difficult because the people have not been interested in me as a person. This is not supposed to elicit sympathy. I don’t say I wish I was not born in a family like this, the love that they provide is undisputed. As I said, I’ve got three beautiful children. I am a single mother and I am not dating or anything like that,” she confessed.

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