Learn From Tanasha – Bonfire Adventures’ MD Tells ‘Lazy’ Slay Queens

Learn From Tanasha- Bonfire Adventures’ MD (Courtesy)

Bonfire Adventures’ MD Sarah Kabu recently waged a war against slay queens who have been camping at her husband’s DM hoping for a handout.

The entrepreneur recently disclosed that since she got a Range Rover for her 39th birthday, they have not known any peace as the slay queens want that VIP treatment too.

Sarah Kabu with her pricey birthday gift (Courtesy)

“After getting the Range Rover, kila slay queen akimuona siku hizi pia mimi nataka hata kaVitz. Hata nilikuwa nasikia walikuwa wanaulizana kwa internet ati nampea design gani mpaka nipewe Range Rover. We receive a lot of DMs especially in his account coz we both have logins of each other’s account. By the way that is what I advise couples, if someone is hiding his passwords, take it as a red alert. So, like new year I was running his account, then a slay queen sends a message like; Happy new year Simon Kabu, this year my goal is to go out with you, please make it happen,” said Sarah Kabu on Radio Jambo.

Well, it seems that Sarah is not done with slay queens yet as she wants them to stop being pests and learn from Tanasha who despite having a rich boyfriend, is striving to build her music career.

“So many slay queens their dream is to just get married to a big shot, a rich person who will buy them a house and a car and everything. You were born to be somebody, you were not born to be a pest. Learn from Tanasha. I am so happy with what she is doing coz even if she sat and slept she will not lack anything,” she told Opera News.

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