I’m Too Hot to Date – Corazon Kwamboka’s Sister Cries

Joy Agunja (Courtesy)

Corazon Kwamboka is one of the hottest Instagram models around and her sister Joy Agunja is a star on the rise.

However, for Joy, dating is not easy as many men are intimidated by her looks.

She took to Switch TV to speak out about her dating woes that include a boyfriend of hers asking her to change into a baggy t-shirt and jeans after she stepped out in a figure-hugging dress.

“You meet me looking like this then you start dating me and you force me to change into something that I am not. When you get me, you wanted this and now you have to deal with it,” Joy said on ‘Real Talk with Tamima’.

Joy Agunja (Courtesy)

She also added that men in her life have to be okay with the fact that she is attractive. “You have to roll with it,” she said.

Joy’s looks have not only earned her a position as the leading lady in Otile Brown’s song ‘Hi’ but has also gotten her rich guys who finance her lifestyle.

I’ve dated high (rolling men) before. We are not dating anymore but he is the kind of guy I would call and say ‘ Babe, I need this and this’, and a few minutes later he would send money,” she revealed.

Joy Agunja (Courtesy)

Although she is finding it hard to date thanks to her looks, Joy still hopes for a good husband and the coveted white picket fence.

Her ideal man is someone who makes her laugh and makes her feel safe.

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