DCI Attacked After Leaking Shabaab Photo

A 23 year old by the name Salat Hajir Jimale who is a suspected Shabaab militant has reportedly surrendered himself to the security agencies in Mandera.

Activist Boniface Mwangi has bashed the Directorate of Criminal Investigations office for revealing the identity of al Shabaab.

Mwangi has opined that the action has jeopardized their capability of leaving the terror group in the dark thus putting the man’s family in harms way. “Alshabaab now knows the defectors identity and they will change  their plans,” he has stated.

Salat Hajir Jimale, Al-Shabaab surrenders, Elwak Police Station
Salat Hajir Jimale, a suspected Al-Shabaab fighter at Elwak Police Station in Mandera on February 20, 2020

Kenyans immediately shared that they indeed also felt the DCI should have done better by hiding the face;

“he he he. The current @DCI Kenya is for theatrics”-Original Rao.

“They probabaly paid a kid for photoshoot…this kenya is a joke”-Muriu.

“Sure, they should have played better, it’s just a way of showing us they are fighting terrorism with positive results, but kwa ground??”-KellythaMc.

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“Class three recruiting system…We really need intelligent people incharge of such operations…If it was kenya Qasem Soleimani assasination would have been broadcasted before the actual assasination-Manuel robi.”

“These people should be educated on how to deal with such.. I think some of us are better of with the little knowledge we get from movies.”-Frank funk.

“Very true @bonifacemwangi. For me I find it being irresponsible.”-Paul rugendo.

“Or, the Alshabaab actually sent him to supply false info.”-Steve Biko.

According to a police report seen by Nation, the incident was reported under OB number 10/20/2/2020 at Elwak Police Station in Mandera Central Sub-County.

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“It was reported by Assistant Chief, Bulla Afya, Muhammed Abdullahi that a suspected Al-Shaabab fighter was sighted within his area while making efforts to surrender,” reads the police report.

Mandera County Commissioner Onesmus Kathya said the suspect is being held at Elwak Police Station for interrogation.

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Mr John Muimi from Samburu told police he had joined the terror group in June 2019. He said he was taken to Likoni, Mombasa on November 29, 2019.
He was then taken to Mandera and later to Somalia where he was briefly trained and made to take an oath.

Police said the man had two mobile phones and his personal clothes. He was handed over to the Anti-Terror Police Unit for debriefing and further interrogation.

“We do not know if he is lying or it is true. We will know with time,” said an officer aware of the incident.

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