Is Ruto Plotting a War? Governor Mutua Concerned as DP is Dragged into Guns Scandal

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on Tuesday renewed his feud with Deputy President William Ruto, calling out the latter, for allegedly allowing the negotiation of alarming deals within his office.

Airing his opinion on the recently exposed alleged gun fraud attempt, by ex-sports CS Rashid Echesa, the county head asserted that the DP must have been fully aware of his ally’s antics, despite Ruto having earlier issued a statement, distancing himself from the mess.

Mutua insisted that no one holding an office would be so ignorant, that they did not know the activities that went on within their premises, whether in their presence or absence.

”How do people go to an office and the owner of the office is not aware? Even me I’m confounded,” Mutua said, during the burial of a renowned businessman in Machakos.

Mimi ni governor tu lakini huwezi ingia ofisi yangu kiholelaholela (I am just a mere governor, but you cannot access my office haphazardly),” he added in dismay.

Further, the county head, who made headlines in December, after crying out that Ruto and his allies had threatened his life, noted that he was deeply troubled over the true intentions of whoever was behind the Ksh39 billion scandal.

”We need to ask deep questions. Hizo arms zilikuwa za nini (What was the purpose of the said arms?)” an agitated Mutua posited, wondering whether the guilty parties were planning to stage a coup.

”Ukisikia watu wananunua arms unaanza kufikiria, arms zinanunuliwa za nini? Arms zinanunuliwa zipindue serikali…ziharibu nchi…ziprepare for war (When you hear of people procuring large scale arms, you wonder what they will be used for…overthrowing the government…destroying the country, preparing for war) what are the arms for?” he stated.

The politician urged Ruto to prepare to be held accountable for the scandal, and answer all the questions that may crop up in the minds of Kenyans.

Mheshimiwa (Honourable)William Samoei Ruto popote ulipo (wherever you are) you have answers to give Kenyans. We need to know the truth,” Mutua said.

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