Glamour with Shanniq: Meet The Most Stylish Gospel Artiste driving Nairobi Women Crazy

When it comes to fashion, it’s all about comfort, wearing what is appropriate for your body shape, breaking the rules and expressing your personality.

If there is one gospel artist that has proved to be the most stylish in the gospel industry is, Masterpiece. His sense of style is vibrant, trendy, youthful with a touch of athleisure. His hairstyles are daring though, the gospel singer has been blessed with hair and edges for days!

You will definitely feel jealous especially if you have been struggling to grow your hairline for years. I mean how can a man have such healthy hair???

He started off with baby locks whereby he dyed them daring colours like orange, blue or pink. Currently, he has braided lines with a mohawk style. Despite it being a daring hairstyle, he actually looks dashing in them and not every man can pull that hair look.

Masterpiece will be turning 23 years old this year and he is definitely the next big thing in the Kenyan gospel scene. His songs include Fresh which he featured Moji Shortbaba, chini ya mwamba, nimekubali, cheki juu, just to mention a few.

He scooped a Groove Award of the Teens Song Choice of The Year for the ‘Chini ya Mwamba’ hit song. Since then he has been dropping hits!

Here are some of his best looks;











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