Police Officer Gun Down Boda Boda Rider for Accessing Mama Lucy Hospital

A police officer on Tuesday afternoon allegedly shot dead a boda boda operator who accessed the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital riding his motorbike.

In a tweet shared by one Mr Eric Maina, who tagged the famous matatu Twitter account @Ma3route,  the rider and the officer had a confrontation before the incident took place.

He further stated that the bodaboda operator was rushing a lady and a baby into the hospital’s premises.

In a video that accompanied the tweet, a crowd is seen milling around the entrance of the hospital. An armed police officer is also seen making rounds near the crowd.

A witness who spoke to Opera News identified the late as Mr Daniel Mburu wa Wangari who had offered to assist Ms Agnes Waheti to rush her son after being found drowning in Korogocho slums to hospital.

“He then parked his bike inside the compound and proceeded with the woman into the hospital in the company of four others, at the doctor’s room Mr Mburu was then asked to leave which he did,” explained the witness

He further stated that when the late walked out of the hospital premises and proceeded to get his bike, the police officer confronted him.

The witness added that the boda boda rider was taken into the facility’s security office where the alleged shooting took place.

This comes just weeks after the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) raised concerns over a series of cases where police are suspected to have shot members of the public.

An example is when a minor identified as Stephen Machurusi was shot dead by suspected police officers during demonstrations at Sunton area, Kasarani.

An autopsy conducted on his body revealed that he died of trauma which was as a result of a gunshot- the bullet entered the chest and exited in the back, pierced through his heart, without causing any injuries to his ribs.


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