‘Washindwe’, Ruto Finally Speaks On Echesa Gun Fraud Drama

Deputy President William Ruto broke his silence in regards to the ongoing former Sports CS Rashid Echesa saga.

Ruto, who never lacks words for such situations, was linked in the case that saw Echesa defraud a foreigner Ksh39 billion for a military tender.

Through a tweet, the DP remarked that politics was being used to incriminate him in an incident he had nothing to do with.

Deputy President William Ruto and Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa during a past meeting

He pointed out that those behind the idea were on a political witch hunt to tarnish his name.

“The desperation of my political competitors on their choreographed smear campaign against WsR is evident even for fools (whom we have a shortage for)to see,” read a part of the tweet.

In addition, a confident DP Ruto articulated that the truth over his involvement would come out and he would be innocent.

“Just wait and see where this will end up,” pronounced the Deputy President.

In a twist, the second in command seemed to have thrown the ex-CS under the bus after he stated that the authorities should go for those directly involved.

An angry Ruto reiterated that he should be left to serve the nation instead of being roped into petty situations.

“Washindwe! Go for the fraudsters. Leave me to serve the nation,” uttered the DP.

On Thursday, after the arrest of Echesa by the DCI, details emerged that claimed the ex-URP head was in on the gun deal.

It was reported that the trouble-laden Ruto ally had promised an American living in Poland of a lucrative tender.

In order to entice the foreigner, the Mumias born man assured the victim that the contract offered would be signed in the presence of Ruto.

Satisfied, the deal went through and a downpayment of Ksh 11.5 million was made as a consultancy fee.

The complainant then arranged a meeting with Echesa and his men which took place at the Harambee House.

Deputy President William Ruto’s office, Harambee House

The once head of the Sport’s ministry then travelled to the European country where he inspected the equipment meant to be used by the KDF.

The Poland national was then coerced into penning the deal and would receive Ksh 52 million.

The complainant remarked that he was left puzzled that Ruto was nowhere to be seen during the signing of the contract at the government offices.

Echesa was arraigned in court on Friday and forced to remain in police custody for the entire weekend before his case is heard again on Monday.

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