Revealed! How Gideon Moi Will Beat Ruto in Rift Valley

Political analyst Herman Manyora is certain that the Kalenjin nation will pull their weight behind Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, in his course to establish himself as the sole kingpin of the Rift Valley region.

Taking to YouTube to give his weekly analysis on the Kalenjin succession politics, Manyora said the coronation of Senator Moi as his father’s heir was a stern message that he was poised to take over the mantle of leadership of the Kalenjin nation.

A collage of Deputy President William Ruto and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi.

“The manner in which the baton was handed to Gideon Moi was nothing but a coronation. I know those who have dismissed it saying it was a family matter but I ask them why was it not done somewhere in the Kabarak home after the funeral under a tree after we had left?

“This was done in public, the timing was right, the occasion was that and the message is symbolic and it is clear that the intention is to make Gideon inherit the late Moi’s kingdom beginning with the Kalenjin nation,” said Manyora.

The University of Nairobi Don went ahead to give his perspective on how Gideon is going to influence the Kalenjin elders to endorse him for the country’s top leadership.

Manyora argues that the fact that Late Mo had accomplished a lot for the Kalenjin nation gave the Senator an upper hand in negotiating for an endorsement from the members of his community.

“It is beginning to be played by asking senior Kalenjin leaders and entire Kalenjin community If you loved Moi Gideon is now Moi.

“If you appreciated the things Moi did for you this is now Moi If you remember and appreciate that if Moi had not been in power all these big people wouldn’t have been anywhere.

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FILE: Gideon Moi shakes hands with Deputy President William Ruto.

“The education accorded to the Kalenjin people is because of Moi. If you appreciate that Gideon is now Moi,” added Manyora.

The Political Analyst went ahead to caution the Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen and his allies from taking for granted the coronation of Gideon Moi saying they will be in for a rude shock.

Manyora said times had changed in the manner in which the leadership of the community is bestowed on someone and went ahead to warn Ruto allies from ignoring Senator Moi’s presidential bid.

“That is why I keep advising people from Murkomen’s corner, learn to appreciate things and listen to alternative voices. Don’t say that it was a simple thing that Kalenjins don’t do that way.

“Things have changed. Circumcised men used to stay in the bush for a year now it is a month. Things have changed in scale and timing so that was a Kalenjin coronation,” he said.

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