How Echesa Used Ruto in Ksh 39 Billion Saga

Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa seems to be a man plagued with bad luck.

Echesa found himself the talk of the town once more after being involved in a Ksh 39 billion tender deal that went south.

The vocal politician among three other people were nabbed by DCI detectives after they duped a Poland national of the money.

Ex-Sports CS Rashid Echesa during a past event

Details emerged that ex-CS Echesa’s crew had posed themselves as military officials when contacting the foreigner for the first time.

Further information pointed out that the tough-talking leader sent an email to the investor over the military tender.

The victim proclaimed that he was promised to meet Deputy President William Ruto after everything was completed.

Convinced, a meeting between the DP ally and his people with the American based in Poland was arranged.

The meeting was made official after the complainant gave a down payment of Ksh 11.5 million.

The forum held at Ruto’s office with Echesa’s men posing in military attires went on without a hitch and a trip for the embattled politician to Poland was agreed upon.

Deputy President William Ruto’s office, Harambee House

The politician went and inspected the state of the art surveillance system proposed to be used by the KDF.

Satisfied with the equipment, the trouble-laden leader jetted back to the country after reassuring the business people that the deal would be sealed by signing a contract and would receive Ksh 52 million.

Image of Ex-Sports CS Rashid Echesa inspecting the equipment

The dealer was shocked when upon signing the contract, Ruto never showed up as promised by Echesa and all the military personnel had a change of clothes from the military uniforms to suits as reported by a local daily.

Echesa was on Friday arraigned at the JKIA law courts where he was remanded till Monday.

Chief Magistrate Lucas Onyina who delivered the ruling, highlighted that the politician would then be released on the same day on a cash bail of Ksh 1 million.

The verdict favoured the TangaTanga member after the prosecution team had asked the court to have him remain in police custody for an extra 21 days.

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