Reason Uhuru Made Secret Trip Back to Moi’s Home Day After Burial

President Uhuru Kenyatta jetted back to the late former President Daniel Moi’s home in Kabarak a day after the funeral.

Reports emerged that Uhuru made the trip back to the residence without making it public.

KANU Secretary-general Nick Salat, who confirmed the news, stated that the president had visited the family to condole with them.

KANU Secretary General Nick Salat during a past function

Salat explained that Uhuru was received by Baringo Senator Gideon Moi and Rongai MP Raymond Moi in the afternoon.

The KANU man remarked that the Head of State spent the day with Moi’s family members in a way to offer them a shoulder as they overcome the grief upon them according to a local daily.

President Uhuru Kenyatta with Baringo Senator Gideon Moi at a past meeting

He pointed out that there were no extra activities to accompany the visit by the Jubilee party leader.

“The President is also here with the family.

“The whole family is still here. They are absorbing the loss,” uttered Salat.

He added that” We will leave afterwards to give the family space to mourn mzee for a couple of days.”

President Uhuru considered Moi as his mentor and father figure after the death of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

President Uhuru Kenyatta with Retired Head of State Daniel Moi at his Kabarak Residence

Moi was very instrumental in the life of the current Commander-in-chief as he was the one who introduced Uhuru to politics.

During the Wednesday burial, the Gatundu born man shared a light moment with the mourners of how he had hidden from the ‘Nyayo’ man.

Uhuru articulated that he employed the help of his wife Margaret Kenyatta to trick a very hostile Moi.

“There is a day I saw his call and knew I was in trouble due to what I had done the previous day,” stated Uhuru while laughing.

The politician pronounced that he asked Margaret to pick the phone call and state he was not around to speak to the once Head of State.

Despite the cheeky move, the president expressed that Moi was a very resilient man who kept calling and calling.

“He (Moi) called again and Margaret refused to pick. When I finally picked the phone, Moi told me I had one hour to get to where he was,” explained Uhuru.

He, however, ended the story by stating he never fulfilled the summon.

“I knew it is only a fool who takes himself to be scolded,” the President pointed out.

The announcement of the death of the man who ruled Kenya for 24 years, was made by Uhuru, a move that was considered poetic to the fact that it was Moi who made the president who he is today.

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