Raila Comes Clean on Jowie’s Release

ODM Party leader, Raila Odinga on Friday came clean on whether he had a hand on Joseph Irungu’s alias Jowie’s release on court bail after over two years behind bars.

Speaking in Maranda High school for the school’s 100th-anniversary celebrations, Raila dismissed any involvement that led to the release of murder suspect Jowie.

ODM Party Leader, Raila Odinga, Giving a speech at Maranda High School

On Thursday, Jowie was granted bail, and all this is thanks to ODM party leader Raila Odinga, at least this is according to Kenyans online.

Cheeky Kenyans credited Odinga for the court ruling in Jowie’s favour saying it had to do to with Odinga’s actions while eulogizing the late President Daniel Arap Moi during the burial ceremony on Wednesday in Kabarak.

On Friday amidst laughter, the former prime minister dismissed the allegations by Kenyans online while calling upon Chief Justice, David Maraga who was in attendance, to expedite corruption cases in courts in Kenya.

Odinga mirroring the frustrations of Kenya who are waiting for justice to be served after bail is given mocked any involvement in Jowie’s release saying, “the other day I shouted in Kabarak Jowie! Jowie! Jowie! then Jowie was released.”

Odinga chose to bid farewell to the late president the traditional way reserved for heroic leaders by the Luo.

Odinga concluded his brief tribute to Moi with a praise song that he ended by chanting Jowi! Jowo! Jowi! as he waved a black fly whisk.

He then walked over to Moi’s casket and repeated waved the fly whisk in a gentle motion before taking a bow.

While by chanting jowi (buffalo in Dholuo) Odinga was praising Mzee Moi the Luo way, Kenyans online  interpreted it otherwise following Jowie’s bail grant.

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