“Mimi na Uhuru ni Kama Battery na Gari,” DP Ruto Reaffirms

DP Ruto on Friday reaffirmed to Kenyans there is no wedge between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta despite public outbursts by the two leaders which depict otherwise.

Ruto, during a tour in Nyeri and Kirinyaga, insisted that the President and he are in a good working relationship such that one cannot work and or function without the other one.

Jubilee iko imara, jubilee iko solid,…mtu asiwadanganye vingine …na hivyo mumesema mimi na Uhuru ni kama batttery na gari,” he stated.

DP Ruto at a past event

Speaking during the prize-giving ceremony at St Bhakita Kiburia Girls’ Secondary School, Kirinyaga County, he urged the residents not to listen to rumours that there is an enmity line drawn between him and the president.

Last month while President Uhuru Kenyatta was making tours in Nyandarua county he declared that he would not endorse or support any candidate who would vie in the 2022 elections.

“Anyone vying in the 2022 elections will fight for their space and should not expect me to support him,” he said in a statement ostensibly directed to his deputy.

The president further castigated his deputy for doing a shoddy job after he sent him directly.

” I will not be sending people anymore,” he said amidst cheers from the crowd that had gathered.

Ruto had earlier criticised projects that are dear to the President, signalling a near-end to a love affair that has weathered many storms since 2013.

The DP dismissed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) as “an act of political conmanship” while warning public officers who defy court orders that they will be forced to account for their actions in future.

This clearly showed signs that the relationship between the President and his deputy had irredeemably deteriorated.

Ruto threw all caution to the wind and unleashed a barrage of attacks targeted at one of the President’s pet projects, the BBI.

However, we can all wait and see the unfolding of events as Ruto is expected to turn up for the next BBI meeting in Meru for the first time since the forums begun.

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