Dramatic Atwoli Unleashes Wrath on Ruto Over Echesa Drama

COTU secretary-general Francis Atwoli was back on the spotlight over the arrest of former Sports CS Rashid Echesa.

Atwoli took a swipe at Deputy President William Ruto who was roped into the saga.

The vocal leader of the workers union questioned how the office of the DP would allow such actions to be committed.

COTU Head Francis Atwoli during a past meeting

He ridiculed how the level of corruption had reached the office that is supposed to aid in the fight of graft.

“If official fraudulent documents can be signed in the office of the deputy president.

“A whole office that has security gadgets, voltering basis and everything else?,” questioned Atwoli.

The ‘Yes’ dubbed man further noted that such actions are what was frustrating President Uhuru Kenyatta in the war with corruption.

“If a fraudulent former minister can enter the second-highest officer with rubber stamps and foreigners and starts authenticating. You can see the level of corruption,” pronounced the leader.

The controversial politician hinted that someone at the office suspected that the dealing of Echesa might tarnish the image of the institution and decided to sell him out.

“Until somebody there realised that this might put us in problems.

“I suspect that the same person is the one who realised that this Ksh 39 or 40 billion is a mirage,” expressed the COTU head.

He reiterated that the country needed to do away with the culture of corruption before things went from bad to worse.

Echesa is proclaimed to have duped a polish national of approximately Ksh 39 billion over a tender agreement.

The trouble ex-Sports CS was reported to have met with officials from a company identified as Eco Advanced Technologies at Ruto’s office.

Ex-Sports CS Rashid Echesa during a past event

The firm which is a US military supplier company, was required to set up a state of the art security surveillance system for the KDF.

The tough-talking ally to the DP was nabbed by DCI detectives and arraigned in court.

Appearing before JKIA law courts the prosecution team requested the court to have Echesa kept behind bars for an extra 21 days.

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