Women Have Thrown Bras at Me – Bahati Reveals

Bahati (Instagram)

With close to 3 million fans on social media, Bahati is without a doubt one of the most recognizable faces in Kenya.

With fame comes crazy fans and Bahati revealed that some fans have even gone as far as throwing bras at him on stage even if he is a Gospel artiste.

“In my shows, the only temptation can be women but I think I’m used to being celebrated and I learnt not to take the glory. I’ve been to performances where girls take off their bras and throw them at me. Not once or twice,” he revealed on wife Diana Marua’s Youtube channel.

A confession that surprised his wife who asked what he does once the bras are thrown at him.

“I pick them up and return them. I am past being tempted by women I think. Of course, women are tempting but at events, I learnt to glorify God. I have seen a lot during my performances, I’ve had big moments as a performer so I learnt to glorify God,” he revealed.

I’ve had big moments as a performer – Bahati (Instagram)

Bahati is not the only celebrity who has had some crazy fan experiences. Inooro TV’s Jeff Kuria revealed that an elderly woman stopped by the Royal Media offices and asked to see him. She later told him that God had told her that Jeff is her husband and so she packed her belongings so that she could move into her new ‘husband’s house.

“One day I was leaving to go home then the Citizen TV gateman called me and told me a lady wants to see me. I asked, where is she? When I looked at her she was like my mum, my mum is about 56. She said I have a message to you from God, akaniambia ‘mimi ni (name withheld), nimetumwa na Mungu kwako sababu wewe ni bwana yangu. Nimeonyeshwa wewe ni bwana yangu.’ She had a suitcase and gunia full of sufurias and sahanis,” Jeff narrated to Pulse Live.

Jeff Kuria (Instagram)

To get rid of the woman, he told her that God had not communicated with him yet but gave her some cash and promised to contact her.

 “She said ‘no problem’ and asked me to give her cash as she had no fare and said ‘You are the only person I know by extension.’ Between me and poverty I had 500 shillings and so I gave her the cash, I had to walk from RMS to Muthaiga and get a lift but she has never come back,” he added.

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