Photos of  Moi’s Hot Grandaughter That Impressed Sean Kibaki

Talissa Moi (Courtesy)

On Wednesday during the burial of her grandpa Daniel Arap Moi, Talissa broke custom and spoke during the event that saw many politicians attend.

“I just want to say something small,” Talissa is heard whispering in the background before taking to the podium.

“I know the wazee (elders) don’t let the grandchildren speak but I felt its right to speak about my grandad. All of you know him as this great figure and to me, he was a human. He was my grandad,” she said.

“I just wrote something quick from Billy Graham. He made a very profound statement that ‘The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith.’ And that’s all. Thank you. Kongoi,” an emotional Talissa added.

A speech that impressed Sean Andrew who called it a ‘brave’ act.

“Talissa Moi going off-script to say a few of her own words is a very brave act 👏🏽 #MoiFinalJourney #MoiFuneral,” read Sean’s Tweet.

Talissa the CEO

Talissa Moi (Courtesy)

When Talissa is not giving touching tributes to her grandpa, she runs Bobotanics an organic skincare line that specializes in soaps, cleansers and body washes.

A company that was inspired by her travels around the country and her desire for ethically sourced, clean and cruelty-free skincare products.

“When I was travelling around the country last year I became awe-struck by our country’s wild and exotic plant species. Curiously, I dived deeper into the world of botanical research, only to discover the incredible bioactive compounds and properties present in our native plants. By connecting with local farmers and communities, I gained a greater understanding of their ancient knowledge. This is in particular with how in the past, people used natural elements on their bodies to harness energy to heal and transform their skin. I started to create natural formulas for myself, family and friends. The response was so great I thought why not create a skincare line that would help improve our everyday beauty routines? This would be done by supplying our largest organ with kind and natural ingredients, instead of artificial and dangerous chemicals hidden in our everyday soaps, facial cleansers and body washes,” she told

Below are more photos of Talissa:

Talissa Moi partying with Alvin Kabogo and friends (Courtesy)
Talissa Moi with Muhoho Kenyatta (Courtesy)
Talissa Moi (Courtesy)

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