Video: Moi Honoured With 19-gun Salute

The late Retired President Daniel Moi was on Wednesday taken through his final journey on earth, comprising a funeral service and later, his interment at his home in Kabarak.

The most interesting part about Moi’s burial was the 19-gun salute, in accordance with military practices and respects paid to dead heads of state.

Since Moi died having completed his leadership tenure, which lasted 24 years, he was accorded the 19-gun salute, instead of the 21-gun salute, which is reserved for presidents who die while still in power.

Moi was also honored with a brief aircraft show by the Kenya Airforce, dubbed the Missing-man formation.

Only 400 individuals were allowed to Moi’s burial site, with the family citing lack of space for the multitude that turned up for Moi’s funeral on Wednesday.

Moi died on Feb. 4, aged 95.

He was eulogized as Kenya’s greatest statesman, who helped the country achieve great strides in the education, social, political, and economic sectors.

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