Uhuru’s Blunder at Moi’s Memorial Service That Offended Priests

AIC presiding bishop, Abraham Mulwa, on Wednesday took to the late former president Daniel Moi’s burial service, to call out the government, and President Uhuru Kenyatta, on an error made during Tuesday’s memorial service for Moi in Nairobi, that left two men of the cloth offended.

According to Mulwa, Cardinal John Njue of the Catholic church, and Anglican bishop Jackson Ole Sapit, were left grossly embarrassed after the president and the MC of the event, held at the Nyayo National Stadium, failed to allow them time to deliver blessings and messages on behalf of their denominations.

Immediately after he completed delivering his tribute speech to Moi, Uhuru left the venue after the singing of the National Anthem, thus denying the priests the chance to pass on their blessing.

”Your excellency sir…yesterday, we want to apologize to his Eminence Cardinal Njue and Archbishop Sapit. They were to say something. Unfortunately when we gave you back the service you just went through and they felt like you have neglected them,” Mulwa noted.

As a means of apology, the bishop directed the master of ceremony for Wednesday’s service to ensure that the clergymen were accorded time towards the end of the event to pass their final blessings.

”To the MC on the other side of the government…we will have a benediction please,” he directed.

Moi’s body headed to Kabarak for his final funeral service on Wednesday

”This is a church service and all orders must be done well,” the bishop added.

Moi was set to be finally laid to rest on Wednesday afternoon, after a second funeral service at Kabarak University, a service that Uhuru also attended.

The ex-head of state died on Feb, 4, aged 95.

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