Shocking CCTV Footage Captures Matatu Knocking Down Woman (Video)

A Shocking CCTV footage has emerged showing a woman getting knocked down by a matatu in Thika town Kiambu county.

The video which has elicited sharp reactions from a section of social media users came to light when it was shared on social media on Tuesday, February 11.

A screenshot of the video posted on February 11, 2020, portraying the accident scene in Nairobi that sent the woman to hospital.
The CCTV footage showing a parked matatu before it rammed on a woman. Photo/Courtesy

According to the reports, the incident happened on January 31 this year.

In the shared footage, the lady, identified as Winnie Wanjiku Maina, is seen walking past a stationery matatu before it suddenly jerked off ramping on her.

This was after an unidentified person emerged from the passenger side and headed to the driver’s seat before the vehicle started moving ramming on the victim.

The lady is reported to have been rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital where she is undergoing treatment. She is, however, reported to be in dire need of financial aid to undergo a crucial surgery.

“This is the CCTV footage of how Winnie Wanjiku Maina was knocked by a matatu on Mama Ngina Street Thika on 31/1/2020. She is now at KNH in need of 285K to enable her undergo an urgent surgery,” read post from Ma3Route on Wednesday morning.

In the process, the matatu threw the lady to the ground and ran over her before ramming into the stalls at the side of the road.

The video attracted a lot of angry reactions from social media users who opined the accident was a deliberate move by the driver to harm the woman.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter;

Did I see a man stagger from the passengers side and enter the driver’s side.. He’s wearing a white shirt. He also takes longer to disembark.. like common with persons under influence?”

and@ThikaTowntodayThe Driver was Drunk you can see him opening the Passenger side door and staggering to the driver seat

Brian Anno

very unfortunate, its crazy how we think we are in control of our lives! the matatu’s insurance should pay the hospital bill

Kenneth Mbulika

This Is intention and attempted murder ..DCI where are you ?

Shi Wa Githiri

It shows that the driver was timing the lady. That was not an accident for sure.

Muhamed Ahmed

This highly likely deliberate, the driver was inside the vehicle, he just came out at the right time…

Elijah Maingi

The action is deliberate

Kithinji Mutegi

This is too intentional. The only thing that can change the fact is the person who owns the vehicle.

Julius Kiura

How would a matatu on the roadside, packed, just loose control at the same time the woman was making an exit from the shop? More to that, how did it progress to her direction? Did the brakes, and the steering wheel fail at the same time? My logic is, if the brakes failed, why did the steering wheel also failed and vereered towards the left?? Am sorry but I think it was intentional. Else, it was the devil.

Tom Lepski Ochola

Seems deliberate for sure.

Richard Omanga

I think she will survive. It looks like the vehicle only caught her legs or something like that… It looks intentional though…

Julius Kiura

Hata mimi naona kama set up.

Alice Chuguz

This was attempted murder ,watch how the driver just walk away after knocking the woman down

Kabitut Kamosong

Expose this reckless driver to the force of law.

Enn Chochumba

Kabitut Kamosong ..he al

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