Raila Caught on Camera Refusing to “Tingiza Kidole” at Moi’s Funeral

ODM leader became a subject of discussion Wednesday after he was caught on camera openly defying KANU party Secretary General Nick Salat at Moi’s funeral service.

Trouble started when Nick Salat decided to rouse the crowd of mourners assembled at the Kabarak University with former President Moi’s slogans.

ODM Party leader Raila Odinga. PHOTO: Courtesy

“Mnatingiza au hamtingizi? Tingiza tena tingiza tingizaa…,” chanted Nick Salat to a fired-up crowd, but Raila would take none of it.

While President Kenyatta, DP William Ruto and Odinga’s NASA co-principals had their index fingers in the air, he wouldn’t budge for some unknown reason.


After Moi’s death, Raila had publicly admitted that the former President had reached out to him and that they had settled on a truce.

This was after he became a ‘victim of the Moi’s administration’ after he was detained for allegedly being an accomplice during the aborted coup of 1982.

In the thwarted coup, thousands of rebel soldiers are reported to have been killed. Raila was detained without trial for six years before he was released in February of 1988 and later rearrested in September the same year.

He would again be released in June 1989 and rearrested again June 1990 together with the late Ken Matiba and former Nairobi Mayor Charles Rubia in their agitation for multi-party democracy.

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