Raila Bursts into Traditional Song, Performs Ritual on Moi’s Body (VIDEO)

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Wednesday paid a special tribute to the late President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi.

Raila, who is deeply rooted in the Luo tradition mourned Moi in style while dressing in traditional Regalia.

With his Fly whisk raised up, Raila sang a Luo traditional song that is meant to praise fallen heroes.

An African man, complete with a fly whisk got mourners charged up as he sang, saying “Ee wooii …….Jowi… “

Raila repeated the word Jowi which means a Buffalo in the Luo language.

The ODM leader then proceeded to where Moi’s casket was lying to perform a ritual on his body.

He waved his fly whisk 6 times, then bowed amid cheers and laughter from mourners.

This was the second time he was performing a traditional ritual on the body of the fallen head of state.

On Monday, Raila went to pay his last respect at the parliament buildings where Moi’s body was lying-in-state.

Accompanied by his wife Ida, and son Raila Junior, he performed the on the body for the first time.

When the former head of state died on February 4, a section of Kenyans was anticipating the moment he will ay homage to Moi.

Many questioned whether Raila will mourn his demise since he was a victim of torture propagated during Moi’s Era.

However, Raila and his wife said that they had forgiven Moi for the pain that he had caused them during his presidential term.

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