Lillian Muli’s Valentine Message to Ladies Dating Unromantic Lovers

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Valentine’s day is around the corner and Celebrated media personality Lilian Muli has an interesting message for women who are dating men with no ounce of romance in their blood.

The TV beauty queen felt the need to tell her female fans that happiness comes from within and they do not need a man to always put a smile on their face.

Taking to her Instagram account, the mother of two asked ladies to treat themselves better and practise some self-love.

She went on to tell her fellow ladies to love themselves more and buy chocolates whenever they wanted some

“😂😂😂 @fenamenal you have killed me today…Ladies if these niggas don’t buy you flowers, chocolate or take you out do it for yourself,” she wrote.

This comes after a hilarious video of Nigerian guys mocking women who had no Valentine’s dates or lovers to warm their beds and hearts after they rejected men who were after them.

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Lilian was tickled by the video which mocked women who had no Valentine’s dates.

After having a laugh, she told women to get used to gifting themselves with chocolates and flowers.

When it comes to love, Lilian has never shied away from disclosing her relationship status.

A few days ago, she has been the talk of the town after she posted a photo of her kissing unidentified man in public.

With a romantic caption “always and forever” to signal that the two are deeply in love.

Here is Lilian’s valentine’s message

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