Kenyans React after Mike Sonko was Chased from Main Dias during Moi’s Burial

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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko arrived at the late Daniel Arap Moi’s funeral in style but little did he know he will be chased away. The security officers emitted him from the main dias where the VIP guests were seated.

The politician was dressed in a lean black suit which he paired with a white shirt, polka-dotted tie and see-through glasses.

After Kenyans came to learn this, they did not hesitate to throw shade on social media platforms.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans after learning this;

Siasa mbaya maisha Maya if you know you know.”

“Just like Waititu., hii pia itajua haijui.”

“Huu Ujinga uishe,mourner ni mourner.”

” Why now! shame to them is he not a governor just like others.”

” Power corrupts people, how does a security officer behave like that with people’s choice? Until Sonko is convicted, if possible, let not people belittle him.”

“What will make this character know his fate is sealed…He’s unwanted and smelling like a skunk…Maybe Raila should take him.”

“Sonko is bitter and shamed trying to chew something not in the mouth to contain himself.”

“Unfair. Sonko is innocent till proven guilty by a Kenyan court. He should have been respected.”

Kwani Sonko rescue team hawananga private dias wapelekee Sonko?”

Sonko dumped raw sewage at Tena grounds.”

Serves him right. He is being cut down to fit and should be a warning to him to fall where his remains could be gathered. The times of glory are over bro. Cham nyanji.”

Chewing like a camel”

” Am not happy about, surely Sonko deserves some respect even if he is currently suspended from work! Am sure his sitting in VIP wouldn’t stop the program or even the burial plans!”

“This government is boring hata kwa matanga? The corrupt are refusing a corrupt to join them. Jameni dunia ni duara.”

not good….whoever is behind that shame on them.”

Do you think he deserved this? Share your sentiments.

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