Joke at Moi’s Funeral That Had Uhuru Laughing his Ribs Out

Sally Kosgei, the late ex-president Daniel Moi’s former political aide and head of civil service, on Wednesday left President Uhuru Kenyatta in stitches, after she recounted her first encounter with the deceased leader back in 1972.

According to the former political powerhouse, their first encounter was when she completed her first year in university, and was looking around for a job, when she approached Moi, seeking employment at his farm.

”I was struck by his humility. What crossed my mind then was that he stood like a soldier. He was very polite,” she reminisced.

Dr. Sally Kosgei alongside the late Moi at a past event

The former secretary of Moi’s cabinet narrated that years later, Moi reminded her of this first encounter, in which she was shoddily dressed in a ”ridiculous” t-shirt.

”Many years later, he reminded me of this meeting when I became reluctant to take up (a) London posting. He even reminded me of the ridiculous t-shirt I was dressed in that day,” she noted.

To demonstrate how laughable she looked at the time, Sally explained that the garment was bright yellow in color with black writings.

”…and a cup overflowing with beer. It was from East African breweries with the caption: Have a nice day,” she recalled, sending Uhuru and the rest of the audience into bursts of uncontrollable laughter.

Sally Kosgei cracks up Uhuru Kenyatta

Sally Kosgei cracks up Uhuru with an interesting story of how she met Moi in 1972

Posted by DAILY NATION on Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Sally lost her glory after Moi exited the presidency and his replacement, Mwai Kibaki, fired her just a month into his leadership.

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