Glamour with Shanniq: 3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Hairline Glowing and Healthy in 2020

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The hairline is the edge of one’s hair. It’s an important section since it gives the rest of the hair body.

I have heard many women complain about their hairline and this 2020 you need to quit that song! Here are 3 simple ways that will make your edges pop and healthy this year;

1. Learn to moisturize your edges on a daily basis. 

When your hairline is dry, there are high chances of it breaking due to lack of moisture.

Every time you to go to the shower, learn to apply water on the edges. You can use a shampoo or conditioner but make sure it’s a brand that has amazing hair growth benefits.

Later, dry it up and rub the oil on the edges.

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2. Avoid wearing hairstyles that cause tension around the hairline. 

Once you discover redness, headaches or tiny white bumps that look like tiny boils around the hairline, WAKE UP!

Your hairline will be falling part soon and that indicated your hair has been held or plaited too tight. Undo your hair after discovering this, plait something different or change your hairstylist. Remember every hairstylist has been blessed with different hands! Some plait naturally painfully while others are calm.

If you have noticed braids or any style has made your hairline react, drop it like a coin!


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3. Learn how to handle your edges gently. 

Remember the hairline is very sensitive and gentle.

Some of you brush your edges with so much force and with that, it will only damage the hairline. If you have soft hair, it may be easy for it to break.

Simply be gentle and smooth when brushing your hairline. Use your fingers or a soft brush.

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All the best!

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