Why Kibaki Sent Laikipia Governor to Read his Tribute to Moi

Former president Mwai Kibaki on Tuesday could not show up at the Nyayo National Stadium to pay his tribute to Moi.

However, Kibaki sent Laikipia governor Ndiritu Murithi to represent him at the state funeral.

The governor was chosen because of the close relationship he has with Kenya’s third president.

Te late Daniel Moi(right) and his successor Mwai Kibaki(Left)

Governor Ndiritu Murithi is the son of the late Phillip Muriithi Kibaki, the elder brother of Kibaki, hence his Nephew.

Kibaki has been a cornerstone in building the political journey of the county boss.

In 2017, he personally campaigned for his nephew endorsing him as the Jubilee Party’s flagbearer for the gubernatorial race in Laikipia County.

After leaving the political Arena in 2013, a jovial and energetic Kibaki made a debut as he addressed Laikipia residents.

The former president has since then maintained a low profile, operating silently and behind Cameras.

His voice and face have been missing in the media scene with reports indicating that he has health complications.

On Sunday, Kibaki went to view Moi’s body that was lying-in-state at parliament buildings.

However, his family and security personnel ensured that there were no media personnel around him.

Later on, State House released photos of Kibaki paying tribute to his predecessor in parliament.

From the pictures, one thing that caught the attention of Kenyans was the shoes he was putting on.

After a thorough investigation, the shoes that some termed to be ‘ugly’ was said to be orthopaedic.

The shoes sent a message that Kibaki was having health complications and that he may have not recovered from a road accident he was involved in before taking over the presidential mantle from Moi.

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