Lillian Muli and Other Celebrities Who Can’t Keep Their Personal Life Away From Social Media

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To share or not to share? is the question most celebrities often deal with when it comes to social media.

However, there are some celebrities who can’t keep their personal life away from social media.

The thing they are not aware of is that, majority of us don’t want to know anything about your private life. This sort of over-sharing is expected of persons who are trying hard to become, but celebrities, we expect more from you.

Maybe we don’t, but it’s even worse when you engage in the habit of telling the world more than it needs to know.

Here’s a rundown of the celebrities who share too much on social media.

Lillian Muli


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Celebrated TV queen appears determined to do all it takes so as to tell the whole world that she is, indeed, famous.

A few days ago, Lillian shared a photo of herself passionately kissing the man in his life in public.

whenever she’s is in love she would update her followers and her relationship breakups are usually noisy and messy.

Muli once, after a public fallout, described her baby daddy Nivaton as a ‘community husband.’

Betty Kyalo

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The equally controversial K24 news anchor has not only once but countless times involved in a public spat after sharing her private life.

Last week, she was involved with her househelp after she accused her nanny of theft even though she stopped short of specifying what she stole.

But the nanny fired back and denied the claims while accusing her former boss of being an absentee mother to her young daughter.

Just like Lillian Muli, she too has been posting her new lover hands, covering his face with emoji on social media after her messy breakup.


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The gospel singer’s life revolve on social media.

Bahati practically shares almost everything that is happening in his life and that of his wife Diana.

When they have a cruel, have lunch or sleep,  the father of three will share on social media.

Doreen Majala

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Former NTV Swahili news anchor, once took to social media to air her dirty linen in public.

A few years ago, she took to her social media and disclosed how her ex-MP husband Gideon Mulyungi used to beat her instead of just filling a divorce in silence.

She also narrated the reasons her hubby started to assault her.

“The assault began after the MP brought in a 16 year old lady and requested she stays in our house since he was supporting the girl in her education,” said the estranged wife.


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The self-proclaimed president of single mothers has always found herself in the lips of many after sharing too much.

Akothee loves posting her personal life, from number of men she been with to her financial status and whenever she has a fallout with someone she always makes it a public affair.

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