Amina Never Responds to My Messages – Khaligraph Jones Shouts While Exposing NTV’s Amina Abdi

Amina Never Responds to My Messages – Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones has always been a straight shooter and this year, he promised to up the ante when it comes to being savage.

“Hiii mwaka nimejam na sijali, I swear nimekam na makali,” he raps on his ‘Yas Bana’ song with Bien.

Khaligraph kept his word and was uncompromisingly forthright during an interview on The Trend.

This was after the host Anto Neo Soul asked him whether he grants him interviews because they go way back.

“I remember you from the days of wapi. I think that’s the advantage I have with you that unaonanga tumetoka mbali kidogo na wewe that sometimes you agree to my interviews. Sometimes you are like, ‘This dude let me help this guy out. Tuemetoka far na huyu msee,” asked Anto.

Anto and Khaligraph (Instagram)

Khaligraph then divulged that the reason he is rarely on The Trend interviews is because Amina snubs him.

“First of all, I’ve been trying to get interviews with Amina but she never responds to my messages. I don’t know why but I’m here with you today. I just had to put it out there,” he confessed.

This is not the first time Khaligraph has put a celebrity on blast for ignoring him.

Khaligraph Jones (Instagram)

He recently declared that Huddah Monroe doesn’t pick up his calls because she assumes that he wants to have sex with her. He goes on to categorically state that he is not after Huddah’s goodies as he is happily married.

“Huddah simu hashiki anadhani naataka kumpiga miti. nina wife joh sipendi hizo kiki,am done with that sh#t,” he raps in ‘Yas Bana’.

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