Different Cars or Different Number Plates? Uhuru Parades G-Wagon ‘Collection’

Just how many luxury Mercedes Benz, G-Wagon, vehicles does President Uhuru Kenyatta own?

This was the questioning lingering in the minds of Kenyans on Sunday, after the head of state was spotted driving himself to the Nyayo National Stadium, for an impromptu check, on the preparations for Tuesday’s memorial service, for deceased ex-president Daniel Moi.

This was not the first time Uhuru pulled such a stunt.

In March 2019, the bubbly politician shocked worshippers at the Holy Family Basilica, after a swanky G-Wagon vehicle pulled into the church compound, only for Uhuru to emerge from the driver’s seat.

The classy black vehicle used by the president at the time was registered KCP 428A.

On Sunday, Uhuru arrived at Nyayo Stadium again in a Mercedes G-Wagon truck, without his usual presidential motorcade, this time around, bearing the registration plates KCL 275Y.

This raised eyebrows among analytical citizens, who wondered how much of a spender the leader of the ruling Jubilee Party was, seeing as the automobile costs anything from Ksh10 million.

The luxury vehicle is reserved for the financially self-actualized such as radio and TV journalist Jeff Koinange, city lawyer Ahmed Alnassir Abdullahi.

President Uhuru Kenyatta in Nyayo on Sunday.

It is, however, highly likely that in line with presidential security protocols, Uhuru’s vehicle might have had a simple number-plate change, to keep ill-meant parties in the wind.

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