Moi’s Heart Moving Gesture Three Days Before his Death

Former President Daniel Moi died as he lived.

Moi was remarked by many to have been a man devoted to helping others during his time on earth.

Details emerged that the deceased had enough strength in him to touch a heart before succumbing.

Jayne Chelimo with Former President Daniel Moi (Courtesy)

Information indicated that the ex-Head of State three days before his demise, helped a lady identified as Jayne Chelimo.

Chelimo narrated that the ‘Nyayo’ man on his death bed, paid for her pending medical bill in full.

The lady, who is a nurse, expressed that Moi had helped her on numerous occasions.

She further mentioned that she and the politician had become close when they met at Moi High School Kabarak.

Moi High School Kabarak

Chelimo pointed out that the once Vice-president of the nation, took interest in her after he found out about her school fees issue.

The medical practitioner highlighted that her parents could not afford to pay for her tuition money before Moi handled the matter as reported by a local daily.

The Sacho born leader took his gesture a step further and facilitated her education life all the way to university.

“He(Moi) didn’t delay to lend me an assisting hand and has done it whole-heartedly until I finished my masters six years ago,” remarked Chelimo.

The Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital-based nurse articulated that she had lost someone important to her.

Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

Chelimo was diagnosed with pulmonary artery stenosis.

The condition refers to a heart defect that causes a contraction of the pulmonary artery.

The contraction may force the heart to pump harder, leading to an enlarged heart and high blood pressure in the right side of the heart.

The condition got worse and she was forced to take time away from school.

The nurse added that she sought medical help after informing the principal at the Nakuru based school.

Despite the health challenge, Chelimo successfully completed her secondary education and moved on to pursue her interest in nursing.

The solemnly looking lady recalled of the moment that Mzee Moi paid for her travel ticket to India where she received special treatment after her health started acting up.

She pronounced that she used to visit Moi at his Kabarnet Gardens residence who kept encouraging her to keep up her hard work.

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