How To Know A Friend or Loved One is Secretly Battling With Depression

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Depression is a mental disorder that has taken the lives of many people, both young and old, in today’s society. The precedence of depression and suicide from depression has grown exponentially in the last decade, compared to those before it. Depression changes how you think, feel, and function in daily activities.

As personal as the depression journey may seem, it has several tell-tale signs that if you watch out for, can help someone. Here are some of the most common ones;

Eating changes

Depressed individuals often either start eating to much or lose appetite for food altogether. They may also take up habits they didn’t have before like drinking and taking drugs, mostly to cope.

Easily angered or irritable

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Depressed people are usually very quick to anger as things easily irritate them. Ordinary obstacles and challenges become more difficult and can lead to frustration and the feelings that go along with that.

Irregular sleeping habits

A person may either turn into an insomniac who can’t sleep or sleep in all day without wanting to get out. They also start isolating themselves from people.

No joy in things that were previously pleasurable

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People who are depressed no longer enjoy the things that used to give them pleasure.

Suicidal thoughts

It is common for someone depressed to start exhibiting suicidal thoughts. They don’t directly say it but they hint it in various ways. They could all of a sudden not care whether they live or die and life starts being meaningless to them.

To help a depressed person, listen to them, help them find support and support them throughout the process.

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