Akorino Pastors in Court to Stop Moi’s Burial, Want Tuesday Holiday Cancelled

Two Akorino pastors have moved to a Nairobi court on Friday with an aim of stopping the burial of late President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi.

The two, reverend Maina and Joel Mbugua, raised concerns as Kenyan citizens of goodwill claiming that it was not a good idea to bury the former president in his private home at Kabarak, Nakuru.

They want the court to issue orders to bar the proposed burial place in Nakuru and have the former president buried in a public place(mausoleum) where their kids and others who loved him can go in future to view his graveyard.

Two Akorino Pastors Who Have Moved to Church to Stop Mzee Moi’s Burial

Adding that they fear if they bury the former president in Nakuru, the freedom to go and view the former President’s backyard would be curtailed.

Kama vile tuliona akiwa uhai na akiwa mgonjwa kuna watu wengine walienda kumuona wakakatazwa, ” reverend Maina said.

If granted the orders this would see Tuesday which has been declared a holiday to mourn the death of the second president scrapped off and Moi’s body would remain at the mausoleum for a period of about 40 years where the family can then take him to his final resting place.

Reverend Maina insisted that the government should also clarify the late President’s age since it was an issue of concern to them as concerned citizens.

The religious leaders also expressed their concerns claiming that it was not right to have the former president buried before the country achieved what he wanted it to, ” there is still a lot of political indifferences in the country which Moi did not want. It is not right to bury him before the country has achieved this,” they added.

Interestingly, they also want the BBI campaigns to come to a stop before the court gives a hearing on the issue.


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