Video Of The Week: Wazito Coach Produces A Priceless Comedy Moment

The current Wazito FC head coach Stewart Hall has been in the Kenyan football scene since 2012. The sixty-year-old is no stranger to the rigors of the Kenyan top flight, having managed Sofapaka and AFC Leopards before his current gig with the moneybags.

Hall is famous for his no-nonsense approach to life and football in general. He comes across as a very animated figure on the touchline and is constantly barking orders at his players during various stages of the matches.

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Well, one of his best moments on the touchline came during his time at AFC Leopards. Ingwe was playing a friendly match against Kariobangi Sharks and were one-nil down in the second half.

With time running out, Leopards were getting desperate and so was their coach on the touchline. One attacking move broke down as a Leopards midfielder committed a foul and Sharks were awarded a freekick.

The ball trickled out of play and Stewart Hall was still angrily barking orders at his players when the ball fell kindly at his feet. He decided to take out his frustrations on the poor ball and what happened later was nothing short of comedy gold.

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Hall swung his right leg very hard but unfortunately for him, he did not connect with the ball as good as he had hoped and the force of his swing took him straight into the ground.

He was left completely left lying on his backside with former Leopards midfielder Allan Katerga coming to his aid as he got up. The rest of the bench, as expected, was in stitches. Clearly unable to hide their laughter. Below is the video- Courtesy Of

AFC Leopards Coach Stewart Hall with some deft skill during yesterday's friendly match against Kariobangi Sharks.⚽️🏃🏾🔥

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