Watch out! How to Avoid A Stampede Anywhere

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Stampedes have been ruling in our headlines lately.

On 3rd February 2020, fourteen pupils died while at least 39 were injured after a stampede occurred at Kakamega Primary School. The students that survived reported that a teacher was chasing them to leave the building after evening classes ended. Nonetheless, there is no official explanation as to what led to the stampede.

It has left many in shock and parents are worried about their children’s safety.

To avoid any kind of stampede, here are 5 simple ways that will make you survive that stampede.

This is how to survive a stampede just in case you catch up with it;

1. Keep your arms at chest level.

You need to learn how you can protect yourself always. Once you figure there is a stampede, learn to fold your arms in front of you like a boxer.

This allows you to protect the ribcage and keep a few centimetres of space around your ribs and lungs so that you can breathe well.

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2. Save your breath. 

Oxygen is your most precious resource. The vast majority of deaths in stampedes are caused by asphyxiation. Avoid screaming unless you have to, and control your breathing.

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3. Leave as fast as possible. 

Once you get space to move, run and save your life! This will free you from any danger.

Staying in a congested area will make you more uncomfortable, lose your breath and even contract airborne diseases.

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4. Keep your eyes and be alert. 

Always remain alert to know what is happening around you and what is around you. For instance, you may find a fence and you can climb it.

This will give you a way on how to escape that stampede. Strive to always move towards the crowd that has fewer people.

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5. Help each other out. 

In as much as you are looking out for yourself, it’s good when you come together as a crowd to save each other’s lives.

Be kind and human, The mighty Lord will bless you.







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