Pastor Ng’ang’a Reveals When He Wore His First Underwear

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Neno Evangelism Center Founder Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a did not know what underwear was until he was old ,he has said.

The Man revealed that he was given his first-ever underwear in 1962 when he was nine years by his mother.

In a viral video, the controversial pastor is heard asking his men congregates to disclose the first day they wore underwear during church service before disclosing his first day.

“Ulivaa suwali ya kwanza lini? Ng’ang’a asked one of his congregants, niliva 1960 he answered.”

Laughing sarcastically, Pastor Ng’ang’a went on to say that he wore his first in 1962 when he was only 9 years.

“Wewe uliva mapema sana mama yenu alikuwa na kakitu, mimi iva 60 ,”he said.

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He went on asking his men congregants who are older than the rest, it was embarrassing but a majority of them disclosed.

“Na wewe ulivaa lini? 1950 what? ama ulifunga shuka?”he asked 

This is not the first time he was caught on camera embarrassing his congregants, a w months ago, he was went viral after shaming a woman in front of his congregants.

In the three minute video, the woman in her late forties is called to the podium by the controversial man of God.

She walks to the from with a polythene bag on her hand. This became his talking point.

Kuja na mfuko yako… How can you be this smart, then you carry this [classless] reusable paper bag, What are you using it for? Ni ya nini?,”he asked.

Wapi bag yako? Are you confused? Umechanganyikiwa?Utabebaje bag kama hii? Ama wewe ni mganga?”

If that is not all, Ng’ang’a asked her why she came to his church wearing rubber shoes.

Kwa nini umevaa rubber?”,he asked.

Watch the full video.

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