Powerful Deputy Governor who Served as Moi’s Flower Girl

The passing away of retired president Daniel Moi on Tuesday split Kenyans into two groups, with one section opting to mourn the deceased politician by remembering his good deeds, while the other section opted to call a spade a spade, and instead, mourn the lives lost or degraded during Moi’s 24-year iron-fisted rule.

One of those who chose to celebrate Mzee Moi’s life was Nyeri Deputy Governor Caroline Karugu, who reminisced the late former head of state as a father figure who moulded her into the seasoned politician she now is.

Taking to social media soon after Moi’s passing away, the Nyeri leader recollected her childhood days, when she would regularly be chosen to present Moi with a bouquet of flowers, during his official visits to her county which was then referred to as Nyeri Province.

She further showered praises on the deceased leader for his love for children, who he would often invite to play at State House.

”Not many children are privileged to have a president as their father but all the children who were born in 1978 can attest to being royalty. The frequent visits to Statehouse just to roll on the grass and play shake and Kati, the yearly cake cutting parties with you, the many fatherly hugs and kisses,” Karugu wrote.

In a media interview on Wednesday, the deputy governor added that so personal was her relationship with Mzee Moi, that she had the courage to request him to order the removal of Swahili from the school syllabus since she was poor in the subject.

She added that Moi was very interested in her academic performance and would request to see her report forms whenever they met.

Karugu acknowledged the fact that there were individuals who were still harboring bitterness towards the former ruler, calling upon such people to accord the late Moi forgiveness.

”There are a few people who want to bring some negative things about the president, my word to them is that the president stood and said that he had forgiven everybody who had wronged him and also asked that we forgive him…Its good to forgive where you feel that you were slighted,” she pleaded.

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