Netizens Roast Uhuru Over MP Alice Wahome’s Security Detail

Days after the security detail of Kandara MP Alice Wahome was withdrawn, Kenyans online have come out to condemn the government over the same.

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Kandara MP Alice Wahome. Photo/Courtesy

Through an already trending Twitter hashtag #SecurityForKandaraMP most users demanded to know why the government had remained mum despite the legislature claiming her life was in danger.

This comes just a day after the MP revealed that her security had been withdrawn without clear apparent reasons.

The legislator went ahead to claim she had received threatening phone messages as well as being warned of dire consequences in relation to her political stands.

“My personal security detail has been withdrawn today. I have been receiving threatening phone messages and press conferences have been held to warn me of dire consequences. My life is in danger,” claimed Wahome.

This was the second time the Tangatanga MP was talking about death threats. She first raised the issue in January after she criticised President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to many users, Ms Wahome had been receiving the threats because of her continued association with Tangatanga faction of Jubilee Party which supports Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 bid for the presidency.

“A man called me last week and threatened to kill me. Some leaders allied to Kieleweke are after my life and, should my constituents fail to locate me, they should be interrogated over my whereabouts,” said the MP on January 15, 2019.

Her claims seemed to have gotten the attention of the social media users who have taken issues with President Uhuru Kenyatta blaming his government for frustrating leaders associated with the DP.

Despite this, the MP maintained the threats will not make her change her unwavering support for the deputy president.

“I can’t believe this how to treat an elected member of parliament, Alice Wahome represents the people of Kandara Constituency and when she’s being harassed, that’s means the Kandara people are also being harassed! #SecurityForKandaraMP,” tweeted one user.

Here are some more reactions from twitter;

However, there are some who rubbished her claims saying the country should just concentrate on more security issues like the al-Shabaab instead of focussing on political allegations which makes no sense.

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