MP Alice Wahome and Other Civilians Who Rocked in Military Attire

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It is illegal for civilians to dress in Kenya’s military gear.

However, a section of female politicians, two years ago, did not shy away from putting on military fatigues despite the law being so clear on who should do so.

Jubilee women leaders led by Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru, Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, National Assembly Deputy Whip Cecily Mbarire, and former Nairobi Senator Rachel Shebesh are seen clad in military attire ranging from jacket, pants and a red barret bearing Jubilee party’s logo.

Their attire attracted a huge social media debate due to its dressing style.

Alice Wahome


Kandara Member of parliament once rocked in military attire during a political rally. This was the first time she was spotted in public wearing trousers.

As they say, the internet doesn’t forget, Kenyans are now making fun of her after security details were withdrawn.

One shared her photo wearing military attire with the caption, “Dear Alice Wahome, Security starts with you, “Sorry, Alice Wahome, but we are not sorry,”

Another one said,”But i thought @WahomeHon herself is an army,, by posing in Army uniforms tells it all,, she even assaulted IEBC officer for no reason so is just but a big joke”.

Ann Waiguru

Jubilee Women Brigade

Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru has never disappointed when it comes to fashion, the military attire really looked good on her.

Susan Kihika


Nominated Senator Susan Kihika was once spotted rocking in military bomba jacket.

Rachel Shebesh

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Former Nairobi women representative is one of the worsed dressed female politician.

However, during the 2017 elections, she also joined the fashion trend of Jubillee female politicians in rocking military attire.

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