Moi is the True Baba, Lawyer Ahmednasir Mocks Raila

A day after the country’s second President Daniel Arap Moi passed on, Kenyans continue to pour in tributes for the man who ruled the country for 24 years.

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While many will remember Moi for all the good things he did for the country during his era, others will just remember Baba Moi, Nyayo as a fatherly figure who was loved by many especially school going children for his popular drink ‘Maziwa ya Nyayo’.

But even as the tributes continue to flow for the fallen hero, popular city lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has set twitter on fire after suggestively dismissing Raila’s popular title Baba.

According to Ahmednasir, Raila did little to deserve the title saying the former President Moi was the real Baba.

The vocal lawyer attributed this to the fact that Moi always won elections with little or no support from two of the country’s largest ethnic tribes, Kikuyu and Luo.

According to him, Moi’s political tactics earned him the true title Baba wa Taifa.

“Don’t praise Moi because he is dead. Don’t condemn/vilify him because he is dead. He had many flaws & some strength. He ruled Kenya for 24 yrs without the support of the KIKUYU & the LUO, the two largest ETHNIC groups in kenya..he was the TRUE BABA..before the little baba emerged,” tweeted the lawyer.

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While many supported his argument, others found no reason as to why the former head of state deserved such title.

According to many, Moi did not deserve to be called the nation’s father since his administration was largely associated with the extrajudicial killings, political assassinations as well as massive corruption.

“I will unfriend anyone who says Moi was a hero.Which hero causes death, rape, hunger and massive emigration (people moving away from their country) in his country? Which hero trains people to loot his own country?Moi was a despot king of corruption,” replied one user.

Here are some of the reactions from twitter;

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