Five Types of Friends to Ditch Immediately if You Want a Happy 2020

Self-awareness and growth is one of the most important journeys in our lives. These can only come about when we have peace of mind which most times translates to effective productivity. However, the friends we surround ourselves with on a daily play a huge role in this therefore watching out for toxic characters is essential in one’s life.

While it is important to recognise that we can have toxic traits too, we should aspire to hang around friends who help us be better. After all, they say “show me your friends and I’ll tell you the kind of person you are”. That said, here are the five types of friends you need to ditch with immediate effect.

1.The Wanna-be

You receive the most compliments from this type. As much as compliments makes us feel nice and even boosts our confidence a little more, theirs tend to go a little further than just flattery. They imitate almost everything you do from hairstyles, to nail colour, to hear this, The type of partner you are in a relationship with!

Riddle me this, is this not a type of person that is coming for your throne? Keep distance from such type of friends as spending time with them is a chance for them to observe you and plan the next move.

2.Oh Hail the Queen!

These friends are all about ‘ME’ and not ‘WE’. The world revolves around them and for some reason you have to bow to them. Often you’ll find they have major esteem issues that manifests itself in this controlling attitude.

If you hang out with such friends, be prepared to never visit the places you love or engage in activities that you actually enjoy for things are always done their way.

3.The Judgemental friend

This type will have you feeling trapped in how you express yourself. This is as a result of how much they look down upon you for the mistakes you make. Don’t get me wrong having a genuine friend who puts you in check is great as no one is always right but not in a discouraging manner or insinuating that they are perfect.

Trust me, you are better off without such friends.

4.The Over dependent friend

No man is an Island and I think we can agree that it’s nice to have a reliable person who comes through for us when in need. However, some friends take advantage of this and are constantly asking for one thing or another.

They start out by asking for small favours that you can easily honour then with time, they take your kindness for weakness and start asking for ridiculously huge favours. It is one thing to always ask for favours but this kind of friends never return the favour, you’re always the one giving.

5.The gossiper

In all honesty, other people’s life encounters can be more entertaining. Being ladies doesn’t make it any easier, we enjoy talking about things and people from time to time. However, there are friends that do this but you can clearly tell its coming from an envious place. Have in mind that if they talk negatively about other people in your presence, they’ll definitely do the same with you.

Be very careful with such friends or preferably just do away with them so you don’t have to restrict yourself from talking about certain things freely for fear of being betrayed.§

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