The Man Who Owns Lee Funeral Home (Video)

The death of Former President Daniel Moi sparked the debate of who owns the famous Lee Funeral home.

Like past prominent leaders who have passed away in the country, Moi’s body was transferred from the Nairobi Hospital to the mortuary.

A spot check by Opera News finally found the answer to the puzzle that had aroused the curiosity of many netizens.

In a video by the facility, the luxurious temporary resting place for the deceased, is under the ownership of John Lee.

Owner of Lee Funeral Home John Lee during a past interview

Lee noted that he was motivated to build the private place after several people complained of the poor state of City mortuary.

He further explained that the former Attorney General Charles Njonjo hastened the idea than he anticipated.

According to the Kenyan born with British descent, Njonjo approached him one day at the hospital and gave him a scare.

Fomer AG Charles Njonjo during a past interview

The eloquent ex-AG inquired if Lee could build a first-class funeral home at the health facility’s ground.

“He (Njonjo) said would you like to build a funeral parlour on the grounds of Nairobi Hospital?” uttered Lee.

The former British police officer noted that the dream became a reality in 1987 and later opened it to the public in 1988.

He pointed out that the funeral home was established in order to provide quality services to the families that lost their loved ones.

The place acted as a temporary storage place for the body until a decision was reached by the families to either cremate or bury their dead.

The soft-spoken Lee reiterated that he was impressed that his achievement motivated the setting up of other funeral homes around the country.

“I was more than pleased to see many funeral homes starting all over Kenya especially in tining little villages. I was more than happy to put them in touch with many suppliers of where we got our things from,” pronounced the owner.

The humble-looking man expressed that he was not selfish in assisting the other places, in order not to have his building turn out like the government mortuary that was always overloaded.

Lee articulated that the facility remained the best in the country hence the reason why its services were highly considered despite the competition around.

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