The Last Days Of Retired President Moi

Retired President Daniel Moi’s days on earth came to an end with his tragic passing on Tuesday morning.

The news caught the nation off-guard as an icon had finally said his farewell.

As the country went into mourning following the information shared by President Uhuru Kenyatta, the late Head of State’s secretary Lee Njiru remarked that Moi was not in a good state in his last days.

Retired President Daniel Moi during a past interview

Njiru explained that it was difficult for him to watch the second president of the country’s health deteriorate with each passing day.

He added that Moi had started using a walking stick when he first became sick before things went from bad to worse and he ended up in a wheelchair.

The secretary revealed that despite information that the once KANU party leader had been discharged from hospital in 2019, Moi had indeed never left the Nairobi Hospital where he had been admitted on numerous occasions.

“He started walking using a walking stick then a wheelchair, I have seen a steady decline. His decline was very worrying. He has been hospitalized since October 10th 2019 & has never left hospital,” stated Njiru.

The soft-spoken Njiru, however, noted that he was saddened on various occasions where information emerged that the ex-president had passed away.

He expressed that people with ill purposes had killed the once commander-in-chief 14 times.

“Today, God has declared his intention. From 1983 I have been counting on a piece of paper he has died 14 times.

“That is according to the ill will of people but this is real death. This is final,” uttered the former president’s secretary.

Retired President Daniel Moi spokesperson Lee Njiru during a past interview

In his way of mourning, Njiru acknowledged that Moi made him the man he is.

He pronounced that the ‘Nyayo’ man helped him as if he was his own son.

“He educated me. Moi helped me pay fees for my daughter after he told me he did not want me to suffer while looking for school fees,” proclaimed Njiru.

Moi was reported to have died at 5.20 am at the Nairobi Hospital while receiving treatment.

Nairobi Hospital Entrance

In late December 2018, the ex-Vice President had been rushed to the same health facility for a similar regular checkup.

In May the same time, Moi had been taken ill at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel, following a grievance of a previous knee injury.

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