Reason Moi’s Burial Date will not be Announced by his Family

The family of the late President Daniel Moi announced that the burial date for the deceased would be revealed by the government.

During a presser, the eldest son, Rongai MP Raymond Moi, explained that the reason behind the decision was due to the funeral being handled by the administration.

The lawmaker further regarded that the retired Moi is expected to be laid to rest at his home in Kabarak.

Retired President Daniel Moi

“It is a state funeral now. It has been taken over by the government hence a military affair. We still can’t give you the exact dates until we liaise with them. I think those dates will be issued by them,” pronounced the lawmaker.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, who first broke the news of the demise of the ex-Head of State, had revealed that Moi would be accorded a State funeral.

Following the order, the deceased’s body on arrival at Lee Funeral Home was taken over by the GSU officers sent to the premises.

Security presence at the Lee Funeral Home

It was reported that the second president of the nation passed away at around 5 am at Nairobi Hospital where he had been undergoing treatment.

An emotional Baringo Senator Gideon Moi stated that he was beside his father when he left this world.

Gideon reiterated that the ex-KANU party leader died peacefully after a long spell of sickness.

Lee Njiru, the late Moi’s press secretary disclosed that Moi’s health had deteriorated despite the numerous check-ups.

He explained that the first time Mzee Moi fell sick, he was forced to use a walking stick.

The vocal communication officer further added that things got ugly and the ‘Nyayo’ man was resigned to a wheelchair.

Njiru moreover noted that the ‘Professor of Politics’ was never discharged from the health facility despite information shared that he was allowed to go back home.

Nairobi Hospital Entrance

The man who claims to have known the ex-Head of State better than anyone, pointed out that at the start of this week, he feared the time had come for his boss to bid the country farewell.

He highlighted that he avoided the media especially the newspaper in order not to come to terms with the sad news if it indeed transpired.

Retired President Daniel Moi spokesperson Lee Njiru during a past interview

The press secretary after accepting the death of Moi, expressed that he was disturbed by the 14 times the once vice president of the country was killed before his final and actual death.

Njiru articulated that he will fondly remember Moi for his great achievements and how he helped become the man he is.

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