I Contracted HIV After a Steamy One Night Stand – City Lady Confesses

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We have all made some wrong decisions in life, and many of them have caused great wounds that have us in deep regrets.

There are also many reasons why people engage in one-night stands, be it for fun, emotional pains among others.

Believe it or not, people actually have a one-night stand to get back at their partners or wishing to enjoy their moment after a nasty breakup but all these reasons are best known to them.

Below is a confession of a lady who deeply regrets a one night stand that caused immense pain in her life:

I am a single mum and I broke up with my boyfriend of 4yrs. So I got hurt and I decided to try online dating apps. I joined hitwe app after so much devastation again just to try dating online.

This is where now where the devil got me I was in a Whatsapp group which mainly was about marriage issues. The single men and women would be encouraged to try their luck and post their photos there. I did and I got an inbox. Yes, he was a very handsome dude.

He told me that he wanna visit me. I asked my self. “Pos, did you broke up with the soldier because you refused to let him come into your house? Yes, this dude is handsome, allow him, furthermore, you are single”

That is the greatest mistake I made which I will regret until I lie on my grave. The following day the handsome dude came. In fact, there was no attachment at all. Remember my heart wasn’t healed first. This is a new dude. Then we had sex.

The following day I asked him we go for HIV test. He said he was in a hurry coz he was purchasing wedding clothes for a customer and they were urgently needed in a period of 3days so he wanted to run to Uganda and bring them before the end of 3days. And he assured me that he would come soonest possible we go for test.

In my mind I was like “at least I have gotten my self a handsome dude after all those heartaches and breaks”

He was off and on. I felt I don’t need him coz sometimes his phone is off then on. After 1 week I started getting sick, infections za uti and kidney infection. I called him and he jokingly told me “ni juu ya ulevi si uwache kulewa.

I was very shocked coz I have never tasted any alcohol in my life. I felt bad an I even regreted telling him that I was sick. So I cut all the communications with him.

After 2months I tested HIV. I was negative. I thanked God. After 7 months and 2 weeks I realized am +ve. I did 5 tests and I am positive.
I got broken and I would see the end of my life, I felt like suing the one who infected me. But later I accepted the situation and living healthy and positive. The one who infected me is out there spreading the virus to everyone willing to open her legs.

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