Church Consumed Blood of 14 Kakamega Primary Pupils, Khalwale Claims

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale is on the spot after blaming the Kakamega Primary tragedy on churches that hold worship at the school.

Speaking at the scene of the tragedy on Tuesday noon, Khalwale claimed that evil interventions that are orchestrated on Sundays during worship were the cause of the pupils’ deaths.

Boni Khalwale

The legislator asked the Education Cabinet Secretary, George Magoha, to coax the School Headteacher for allowing church activities to be held in the school.

“I am now asking the minister to ban church activities within the school. Why am I saying so? You know that there are churches which are of questionable practice, especially how they deal with our children,” said Khalwale.

The politician, who is also a doctor of medicine, claimed that the 14 children who died at the Monday evening tragedy did not suffer any bloody injuries.

From his medical point of view, there are no biological factors such as oozing of blood that caused the demise of the pupils, hence it was all satanic.

Khalwale’s sentiments were not well received by Kakamega Senator, Cleophas Malala, who termed it as insensitivity to the bereaved families.

Malala urged Khalwale not to accuse the churches in such a manner but instead wait for an investigation report from the police.

Apart from officials from the Ministry of Education, Deputy President William Ruto also visited the school on Tuesday afternoon.

A joint effort by sectors of the government is awaiting the conclusion of the police investigation on the cause of the stampede that occurred on Monday evening.

Reports from surviving pupils have indicated that the tragedy was caused by a scare that was induced by a teacher, this led the students to run and in the event, a stampede occurred.

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