I’m Too Young to Get Married – Colonel Mustapha Cries

Noti Flow and Mustapha (Instagram)

Many celebrities who began their music career alongside Colonel Mustapha have settled down and gotten kids including his former partner in Deux Vultures.

However, Mustapha recently divulged that he is in no hurry to get married as he is still young.

“Mimi niko na hesabu zangu, kila mtu ako na mambo yake. Mimi penye nimelelewa nimeona vitu mingi. Jay Z alioa na miaka 40, mimi bado mchanga sana. Bibi yangu bado hajazaliwa,” he said on Milele FM.

Noti Flow and Mustapha (Instagram)

During the interview, he also addressed claims made by rapper Trap King that he was gay. He revealed that Trap King made those accusations out of jealousy and his ex Noti flow supported him because she was mad at him.

“I never thought something like this would happen to me. The source of the story was ‘kijana wa mkono’ (Trap King) who was jealous because of the love I get on Nairobi Diaries and my success in the Music industry…I am straight, I love women a lot,” he said on Milele Fm’s Bangaiza show.

Mustapha then revealed that Noti Flow bit him and rubbished his name after she found a woman trying to video call him while he was in the bathroom.

Noti Flow and Mustapha (Instagram)

“Noti Flow said a lot of things out of anger and jealousy and she supported Trap. The last time we split she said that my mouth stinks so that women cannot love me. She ruins my reputation so that I cannot get beautiful women. A week earlier, she had defended me before she changed tune and started supporting Trap King. She is just bitter and I understand her,” he added.

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